I nostri prodotti implementano funzionalità ottimali per integrare operazioni di Firma e Autenticazione Forte nei processi aziendali.

Cloud services

Signature and authentication,
immediately and without infrastructure costs

Cloud services offer Saas and Paas solutions with the same features as off-the-shelf products: they can be used quickly and easily, without the need for significant initial investment.

Sign and approve documents from PCs and smartphones

A solution for electronic signature and document approval processes, in the final part of a workflow, avoiding printing documents that slows down processes and makes everything more expensive. All with native integration with our mobile app Valid.

A free App for authentication and signing

A two-factor authentication app designed specifically to generate the second authentication factor: One-Time Password (OTP). Available at no cost for Android and iOS, it can be used for digital signatures, secure authentication of your business applications (integrating the Time4ID APIs) and also for protecting the accounts of the most popular Internet service providers (Google, Facebook, DropBox, Evernote, Salesforce , Slack, Mailchimp, GitHub, AWS). Also available as an SDK.

Minimum versions supported: Android 4.1 and iOS 9.0

Fast and secure identification via a smartphone

IDentify is a platform for acquiring the identities of customers/users/citizens in an easy, convenient, economical and safe way. Easy because you just need a smartphone with a good camera. Convenient because appointments with an operator aren’t needed: the steps in the identification and verification process are decoupled. Secure because the integrity and authenticity of the data are protected with the best encryption technology available on the market. Also available as an SDK.

Enhanced cloud storage with the security features of Time4Mind

A single App that allows access from a single point to many cloud storage providers (DropBox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, …). It allows compressed files to be managed, encryption to guarantee privacy, and affixing and verification of electronic signatures.

Platform as a Service

The quality of our products
directly at your home

Our products implement optimal functionalities to integrate Digital Signature and Strong Authentication into business processes. The customer can focus on its core business leaving our product to solve the technological aspects.

Easy to integrate two-factor authentication

A two-factor authentication platform that provides OTP generation services on mobile devices (iOS and Android) thanks to a customizable App or an SDK for integrating functionalities in clients’ mobile applications. The most innovative features include push authentication, push signature and management of approval workflows.

Hosted private certification authority

Web API for managing CA certificates hosted on Time4Mind or connected to the platform. The APIs allow you to manage the entire life cycle of X509 certificates (user registration, authorization, issue, …) transparently and independently of the different CAs.

To integrate the digital signature in the applications from the backend side

PkBox Remote is an appliance that offers signature APIs to applications, without the cost of HSM cards, thanks to Time4Mind platform. PkBox Remote, installed on a client server, processes documents locally, without internet bandwidth consumption and guaranteeing maximum confidentiality. Only the documents hash to be signed is transmitted to Time4Mind’s HSM servers to carry out the signature operation. An ideal solution for large volumes.

To integrate the digital signature into cloud applications

In recent years, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have begun to replace desktop and laptop computers. For this reason also signature devices have been replaced by cloud services offered and managed by TSPs (Trust Service Providers). The Cloud Signature Consortium, also known as CSC, has defined a common architecture by creating standard APIs to integrate the main components of a remote signature solution between different application service providers and end users. An ideal solution for cloud applications.

On-premises solutions

The quality of our products
in your organization

Our products incorporate optimal functionality to integrate Signature and Strong Authentication operations into business processes. Our clients can focus on business aspects, leaving our product to solve the technical complications that are not a strategic part of their product offering.

The ideal security server for maximum performance and reliability

The best digital signature server product in Europe. A powerful and flexible security server designed for handling all electronic signature operations (Cloud and Massive) compliant with European standards (eIDAS Regulation). Cryptography (symmetric and asymmetric) and two-factor authentication (Strong Authentication) are also supported for applications that require logical data protection and stringent access control.

An applet to integrate signatures with a token or smartcard

A development component to include logical security features within the client’s infrastructure, integrated in both web-based and stand-alone applications. PkNet enables the management of interactive security operations (signature, verification, authentication, encryption), especially when users must use a Smartcard. PkNet also supports collaborative signing, signing the hash of a document received from the PkBox server. Finally, PkNet can also be used to create secure transactions, encrypting the data to be transmitted with a key in the exclusive possession of the PkBox security server.

The security server for interbank circuits

A security server that allows use of the most common standard and proprietary cryptographic algorithms for encrypting data in interbank and payment circuits.

Valid Desk

The Digital Signature made easy

Valid Desk is a free signature tool developed by Intesi Group for all users who need to sign from their desktop quickly and easily. The tool is available for both Windows, Mac and Linux environments.
Valid Desk is designed to guarantee an easy and pleasant user experience but also maximum security because documents are signed locally.
Download it now. It’s free!

The electronic stamp that keeps up with the times

The QRBox server application affixes electronic stamps in the form of a secure QRcode on documents created with an electronic signature but which must be printed on paper to have a valid copy of the original. The free QReader mobile app allows you to read the QRcode and retrieve the original electronic document, verifying the signature, authenticity and integrity.