Digital Large Account

Large companies with a large customer base and the need to digitize transaction-oriented processes. Potential Identity Providers. For example: Banks and Financial Institutions, Telcos, Utility companies.

Do you need a signature infrastructure that can handle millions of users in an extremely reliable way?


The Time4Mind product suite can be distributed across multiple data centers to ensure D.R. and H.A. and with 99.8% SLA. The PkBox COD solution allows you to manage millions of credentials on databases protected by certified HSM devices. These solutions are already implemented by large financial institutions with the highest technical standards of reliability and security.

Do you have to manage thousands of transactions per second?


PkBox is a product designed to reach the highest performance levels. This means reaching thousands of signatures per second (excluding network latencies) using the best HSM devices available on the market. The parallelism of the servers also allows you to scale without particular limitations and distribute the load over a geographical area.

Do you want a solution which can be easily integrated with legacy applications?


Time4Mind is a platform made up of several specialized modules for digital signature, PKI certificate lifecycle, strong authentication and encryption functionality. The functionality of all components is displayed via web APIs which facilitate their integration. Centralized management of security features reduces effort and increases the value of integration. This means that data security can be managed consistently.

Are you looking for a technical partner with specific skills and know-how?


We have supported several large financial institutions in the creation of signature and strong authentication architectures, also developing the integration with their legacy applications. Thanks to our skilled professionals with proven experience in the field, we are able to help our Large Account clients in the design and implementation of complex integration projects.