Software Houses that develop products associated with document management (CMS, Accounting and Administration, CRM, Documentation, ERP), or companies that use an internal or external development team to create ad hoc software.

Do you need to integrate legally valid signatures, multi-factor authentication, or file encryption functionality into your applications?


Time4Mind is a suite of cloud services and products designed to satisfy a wide spectrum of needs concerning a person’s digital identity: strong authentication, electronic signature and more generally all the approval processes where identity must be proven. Digital signatures and a second authentication factor can be integrated into applications via Time4Mind, offering positive user experience from mobile devices and the benefits of cloud architecture.

Do you need to integrate new signature or authentication features quickly?


The libraries and web APIs of our cloud products and services allow application developers to integrate signature, authentication and encryption features very simply and as quickly as possible. In-depth technical knowledge of the complex aspects of cryptography is not required, as high-level functions are designed to meet business needs.

Do you want technical advice to integrate signature and authentication into your applications?


Evolving technologies and continuous specialization in the IT world require the creation of development teams with diversified skills. If you need advice or training on digital signatures, multi-factor authentication or cryptography for your project, put yourself in our hands. Our successful partnering is based on 20 years’ experience in the Italian sector where our business has been built up, the first and largest digital signature market in Europe.

Do you want to integrate easily with a cloud platform?

Web APIs

Write your code and we handle everything else. Developers can focus on their code and solve business problems, letting the complications of encryption (signature, 2FA and encryption) be handled by the Time4Mind platform. You can have a solution using best practices, security and business continuity at a scalable cost.